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The ironclad beast wades
through the primeval stew
twisting suddenly to the side
plunging angrily
lashing out
contemptuous of the icy dark depths
down, twisting
until the salivated jaws
begin to close
to suck the marrow dry
an urgent turn, then up
search for a distant lantern light
then back on course
rhythmically forward
a shiver, a shudder
a rib crushing thud
a shimmy
then, on again
forwards, down, up, side
a roll
rhythm back
self contented sigh
slithering through the dank mass
warm shivers
an ominous groan
a thump, a shrug
suddenly a stagger
a stall
an angry impatient pause
punctuated by grating reptile claws
above any sacred laws
or expectations of the night
loins spread in flight
systematic rhythmic flows
skeletal creaks emit a litany of woes
endless chains of to and froes
dancing a drunken jig
frenetic and fast
but just as quickly deathly slow
sinews shimmer and moan
it awaits a moment
then delivers a sickening blow
Rise, pause, fall, stall
surge, pause, drop, smack
pause, push, haul, back
stutter, tension, tighten the slack
shudder, live rounds then flak
a deft party, a rip a hack
an unexpected backhand whack
and then just as suddenly