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Smooth and flowing lines
surge and wane
a massive beast breaths
quiet and assured
the moon surveys the scene
farewell’s the day that’s been

A surface of fragile silk
alive to the tender touch
swells and extends
to tentatively touch
for a moment moist and keen
a magic mirror few have seen

A vivid living sky
changes colour and hue
first grey then orange
a majestic luminous pink
glows and reaches out
warmth transfuses all about

But soon the moist gives way
to drier mounds
textured but soft
they lie and wait
shimmer, preen and pout
ageless beauty without doubt

Then living growth
first feeble fragments
then deep seated and bold
reach upwards and soar
to touch the heavens above
with the wings of a dove

They rustle and wave
a whistling shiver
all in unison
they talk to the stars
fine fingers in a glove
stroke them with love.