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The silent moon glides by
it strikes the waiting cloud
the light rays try
to conceal secrets in a shroud

The night and silent trees
a beautiful sleeping world
wrapped up and warm in a quilt
cushion soft and burled

then a flurry and a cry
as a swarm of fruit bats fly by
to share my night
as I sit under my very own sky

I’m so at peace
its mine to share this night
silent and solid dark
but soothed by the moonlight.

The universe is mine tonight
the midnight hour passed
the lights doused
almost to the last

For the moon is at work
As it sows its magic spread
with nimble fingers
and gossamer thin thread

Then it hides in a haze
with a strange golden glow
suspended in my sky
against the ceaseless ebb and flow

Another world lies out there
regardless of how it may seem
but, this world is for now
a real and tangible dream.