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Rows of trees
in patient wait
stand around
for a cooling breeze

A gentle breeze
begins to swell
and touch the fingers
of the stirring trees

A ray of light
struggles through
faltering and doomed
against advancing night

the infant night
dark fingers flight
gradually absorb
the faltering light

A glow of burnished gold
settles on the trees
a final show
before dark’s steel hold

Such vaunted hold
must stand and wait
for the receding
proud but sinking gold

Then its still and dark
leaves and bark
a constant space
silent and stark

So silent and stark
now fully reclined
sliding into fitful sleep
in deepening dark

But then a defiant ray
a flush and full moon
puffs out its chest
a sentry til day

A silent wait til day
patient trees in line
caressed by a loving
moon struck ray