The Power of Wellbeing

About the Power of Wellbeing - “This is a potentially vital book". Professor Paul Moon, Professor of History at Auckland University of Technology.

"A great contribution to the discussion about the need for society, including business, to embrace wellbeing for people and planet.” Richard Cutfield, company director and CEO of Noho – Life enriching furniture.

I really enjoyed the Power of Wellbeing. It is interesting and challenged my thinking in a number of areas. (Heather Elliott, HR Director)

"A wonderful book – a book of hope, particularly now" Nick Holmes, Lawyer.

General Reviews

Clive’s work is diverse and interesting as well as aesthetically pleasing. I own three of his paintings, all of which attract admiration and curiosity from visitors to my home.

Sheana Wheeldon Barrister – Auckland

“The Auckland office I work in is very fortunate to have some of Clive’s paintings hanging in its reception area. Visitors often ask who the artist is and are very complementary of the artwork. I have the privilege of knowing the artist and enjoying the art each day. I recently spied on Instagram a divine painting Clive has painted of two monks in Sri Lanka wearing orange robes, with brightly coloured umbrellas. It is glorious!”

Glenda Macdonald Auckland

“My Clive Elliott paintings I am the proud owner of “Industry” (large), and “Ronda”. These works with their beautiful colour blends convey such an atmosphere of Spain they always bring back strong memories of time spent there. Industry hung in my office workroom from 2012 until 2017 and now is a central focus of our living room wall since we moved house in early 2019. It is a very powerful and impactful painting and is often admired. Ronda is more subtle and evokes the feeling of walking up narrow streets in small Spanish towns trying to escape the searing heat. The level of detail in the paintings always makes a closer look worthwhile. Both works are in adjacent rooms now, which creates a really nice flow.”

Mike Battersby July 2019