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Jo Jo’s Butt
Blue Water
Water Lilies
Blue Sky X3
African Canoe 1
Lunarscape 4
Kariba Trees 5
Lunarscape 2
Dry Trees
Yukka 2
Lunarscape 5
Estuary 2
Sandflats 1
Sandflats 2
White Road
Pacific Islands
Blue Moon 1
Row Boat 1
White Out
Row Boat 2
Little Barrier
Tree Light 1
Tree Light 2
Standing Tall
Irene’s Dad
Omaha Bay
Tippy Toes
Sonora Narrows
Rick and Ray
Back to Black
Lonely Flight

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Clive Elliott

I live and work in Auckland, New zealand. I am a serial dabbler in the arts, with an interest in writing, poetry, public speaking and painting. I’m a frequent writer and commentator on intellectual property and information technology issues. I regularly write on and lecture on the art of advocacy, both oral and written. An example is a webinar I gave in 2018 “Mastering Advocacy: Effective Written and Oral Advocacy and How to Maximise Both”. My goal as an artist is to try and capture a little piece of that magnificent natural beauty that exists around us and preserve it in a time capsule so others can ponder and experience the wonder, before it evaporates away into the endless sands of time. 

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