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“I make no distinction between poetry and painting.” -Joan Miro

    Welcome to my gallery. It is a collection of my paintings. I have created a couple of different folders:

    1. Allocated Paintings – those that have found a home
    2. Available – those that have not
    3. My Exhibition “Contemplate” in September 2012
    4. General Pics – things of general interest

    In terms of my philosophy, it is relatively simple – to try and locate that place between imagination and reality and to create an image or physical experience that somehow catches some point between the two. My paintings move between the realistic and the abstract. I continue to try and explore the relationship between light, color and texture by using different materials and substrates.

    I hope you enjoy the paintings as much as I enjoyed creating them.

    Contact Detail:

    Shortland Chambers
    70 Shortland Street

    Ph (09) 3091769
    Fax (09) 366 1599
    e mail: elliott@shortlandchambers.co.nz

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Clive Elliott-Author

I live and work in Auckland, New zealand. I am a serial dabbler in the arts, with an interest in writing, poetry, public speaking and painting. I’m a frequent writer and commentator on intellectual property and information technology issues. I regularly write on and lecture on the art of advocacy, both oral and written. An example is a webinar I gave in 2018 “Mastering Advocacy: Effective Written and Oral Advocacy and How to Maximise Both”. My goal as an artist is to try and capture a little piece of that magnificent natural beauty that exists around us and preserve it in a time capsule so others can ponder and experience the wonder, before it evaporates away into the endless sands of time.