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Ancient stones and rocks
molded by unseen hands
many millennia ago
piled high
wait uneasily

A proud
but brittle show
for now secure
all elements at bay
this flawless day

Rising up
hard yet soft
into the mighty
moving sky

Pock-marked skin
and craggy face
testify too clear
to the lashes
of cruel time

The vanity of stone
to stand so proud
and erect
so foolish
enlarged by pride

Against this stone
fastened fast
a parasitic growth
in naked need

Rising greedily up
to nourishment
from the gifts
of the mighty
limitless sky

Loins gnarled and hard
merge with its host
painted on a single sheet
with a single savage stroke

In temporary truce
in a common quest
to withstand the ravages
of the hand of time

A garlanded fist
clenched hard in triumph
against the mighty
patient sky